Pro Venue
Pro Venue


Pro Venue membership for 1 year

As a Standard Venue profile, you are visible with your venue name and address. But if you are a Pro Venue,  you will get a lot more:

  • a Pro Venue page with:
    • Your logo and a big photo of your venue
    • Social media links
    • Big interactive map with your exact location
    • Address, phone, website, social media links, and e-mail information
    • Venue description
    • List of upcoming gigs at your venue (automatically generated from others who add these gigs, such as editors, musicians, etc)
    • QR code linking to your venue page
    • Additional SEO
  • a big photo on the platform's Venues tab
  • inside your venue's specific event description, you will also see your venue's logo and a large map. Full contact details and a "click more" button towards your Pro Venue page.
  • a Pro Venue can be a Featured Venue for one week on the homepage.
  • 25 JELcoins (€ 20 value)

Do you want to attract more visitors to the jazz events taking place at your venue? Make sure you are listed on Jazz Events Live, in order to be connected to every event you host.

Need more visibility and promotion for the jazz event you are hosting? You can feature the event for a small cost (Basic Featured) or even have a full spread Front Page Featured Event.

Either you are a Standard Venue or a Pro Venue, you can purchase the Featured option you prefer for your event via our JELcoin system which will be online soon.

Add Events

If you have all elements of an event ready (venue, group, festival, nusicians), you can make your event. If you don’t have it yet, please add them first.
In case you don’t have all information yet, the event will be kept pending so you can edit the event later to complete.

When the musicians playing at an event are not forming an “official” group, you don’t need to add a related group.

When the event does involve a group, it as always helpful to also add the musicians, so the event will also appear on their individual pages so the event can be better found.

When an event belongs to a Festival, please select the it from the festival dropdown field. 

Important: Every separate performance is seen as a single event. Never combine several performances into one event otherwise the event will not be published.

Event Category is standard set as a “live event”, but can be set also as “Jam Session”, “Streaming” or “Radio show”.
For streaming and radio shows it is essential that you have the correct links entered in the fields below.

Event Description
This field is optional because most important information such as location, date, time, artist, etc. is already entered.
However, adding information in this field improves SEO rating and your event will be easier found via Google.
Also you can add information about ticket purchase or more detailed event information.

Event photo & Poster
The event photo will be automatically taken from the group or musicians. If you want to add the event poster, this can be done via the poster-icon on the event list.

Pending review
After submitting the event it will be pending. We try to approve events within 24 hours. In case we do not approve, you can check out comments when editing your event.