Musicians (& promoters/managers)

If you are a jazz musician (or you are representing one) and have registered as a member of this platform, then you can submit your events, and claim/edit your own musician or group page. You can also claim/edit as many groups and fellow jazz musicians’ pages as you want, with their permission, of course. 

Make sure your gigs are submitted in time on the platform. With over 10.000 visitors monthly, it is the best way to let the world know where you are playing! Share your jazz event directly from JEL using the social sharing buttons and save time publishing on all different social media platforms.

Submitting an event is completely free, and every event is linked to your group (if applicable) and to all the musicians that are playing. Connecting your event or your Musician page or Group is very easy and only takes a minute.

Add your artist bio in your Musician page, your website link, social media platforms, Bandcamp page, and streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify, and many more, so that you can be found easily.

Need more visibility and promotion for your event, musician, or group? You can feature them for a small cost (Basic Featured) or even have a full spread Front Page Featured Musician/Group/Event. Once you have a fully detailed Musician or Group page, you can purchase the Featured option you prefer via our website. (The “shop” feature will come soon!)

Don’t forget to check the Musicians or Groups tab of the platform because maybe your own page is already there! Go ahead and Claim it, so that you can complete it.